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What is Gelclair?

What is Gelclair®?

What is Gelclair®?

Gelclair® is a viscous gel specially formulated to aid in the management of lesions of the oral mucosa. It forms a protective film that, by coating and sticking to the lining of the mouth and throat, offers rapid and effective pain management.

Gelclair® comes as a concentrated gel in sachets for dilution with water.

How can
Gelclair® help?

Gelclair® provides a simple, highly effective way to relieve the pain of oral mucositis and painful mouth ulcers − helping to maintain normal dietary/fluid intake and supporting completion of full-dose therapy.

  • Gelclair® contains PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone) and sodium hyaluronate in a liquid gel.
  • When applied around the mouth, Gelclair® forms a protective coating that adheres to the lining of the mouth.
  • The coating offers rapid and effective pain management.
  • Pain is significantly reduced following the first use of Gelclair®.
  • Gelclair® can potentially improve the ability to eat and drink and, unlike preparations with an alcohol or anaesthetic base, should not sting.
Help take away the pain of oral mucositis


Who can use Gelclair®?

Gelclair® can be used by patients to manage the painful symptoms of oral lesions induced by:




Traumatic Ulcers

Oral Surgery


How to use Gelclair®

Frequency of use

3 times daily

Or as needed

30 - 60 Minutes

Before eating or drinking

Instructions for use

Tear along top of the sachet.

Squeeze the Gelclair® into a glass.

Add about 3 tablespoons of water (40ml) and stir well.

Use as a mouthwash straight away - rinsing around the mouth for at least 1 minute, or for as long as possible to coat the tongue and inside of the mouth completely.

Gargle and spit out.

For patients that are not able to rinse and gargle, Gelclair® can be used undiluted - applied directly with a sponge or swab.

Throw away any unused Gelclair® mouthwash.

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Where can I
get Gelclair®?

If you would like to try Gelclair®, you can get it through your doctor or nurse. If however, you are unable to get Gelclair® from your hospital or GP, you can buy it direct from Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

For further information please contact us on 01249 466 966 or email us.

  • If you are under the care of a hospital, the hospital may dispense Gelclair®. Please discuss the availability of Gelclair® with the nurse or doctor responsible for your care.
  • Gelclair® is also available on prescription, enabling your GP to prescribe it.
  • Gelclair® is priced at £38.96 including delivery.
  • There are 21 sachets in each box (roughly one week's supply).